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What I am about to share with you is a revelation from Jesus Christ concerning the Trinity of God.
This explanation of the Trinity does not explain every single detail about God's existence.
But, neither do the Trinitarian explanations nor the Oneness explanations explain everything concerning how God exists as an individual and yet still exists being a Trinity in Eternity.

Understanding the Trinity doesn't have to be impossible, unknowable, or incomprehensible!
Even so, Jesus has told me that it is not quite the time for many to receive this explanation, not because they are necessarily wrong and going to hell, but mostly because many people are just not yet ready for the simplicity of this explanation of the Trinity.

Please take note that the scriptures use nouns and pronouns describing the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, but this does NOT mean that they are separate individuals or separate people!

The entire Trinitarian explanation was started by the early Roman Catholic Church by its earliest members who still held on to the polytheistic state of mind they were in at that time.
As a matter of fact, the Catholics still hold to the claim that the trinity doctrine they teach was started by the early Catholic Church Fathers, who themselves were polytheistic before they accepted Jesus Christ as their personal Saviour.
This does NOT mean that their explanation is correct!
And, just because a large group continues to hold on to their Trinitarian explanation does NOT mean it is necessarily correct, right, or true!

Please understand, I grew up being a Trinitarian, and I have wondered and asked all the same questions most of us ask concerning the inconsistencies related to the Trinitarian explanation.
The most evident inconsistency concerning the Trinitarian explanation is that both the Old Testament and the New Testament describe God using the singular pronouns “He”, “His”, “Him”, “it”, and “that”, but never do they say God exists as three people.
God is also called “we & us” in the OT and the NT, but this does not mean He exists as three individuals.

Being the seeker that I am, I have never just blindly continued to believe what I was told without a better explanation, especially since Jesus told me years ago that this doctrine is NOT a matter that would cause us to lose our Salvation from Christ!

As time moved on Jesus moved me to worship with the Apostolic Pentecostal Church for over three years.
But, their Oneness explanation had its short comings just like the Trinitarian explanation had its own faults!
The A.P.C. group could not explain the Trinity aspect concerning God's existence, but they did have a better grasp concerning God's uniqueness as pertaining to being an individual living in Eternity.

Both groups failed in their ability to explain God's existence as an individual and as a trinity.
While one group was aptly able to explain one point, they were not able to agree on the other points.
So, both the Trinitarian and the Oneness groups were right and wrong at the same time.
So, who and what was I supposed to believe?
I believed and disbelieved them at the same time!

So, what did I end up doing about all of this?
I held on tightly to what was evidently right and true concerning both, and I rejected those things that were wrong and which gave no honest explanation.
This left me feeling empty in my mind and in my heart!
What I ended up believing, at that time, was that God is indeed an individual being, but SOMEHOW He still exists as a Trinity IN SOME WAY! You just can't ignore that!

For a long season I was used as a watcher or a witness for Jesus Christ, but I was never a Jehovah Witness!
Jesus moved me for many years to go seeking from church to church to church, but no one had an answer, and all they could tell me were the same things over and over about how God is unapproachable, or inconceivable, or incomprehensible!
So, I kept seeking and asking Jesus, and several years ago Jesus had finally given me a much simpler, yet much richer, explanation for the Trinity of God.

This explanation may be a shock for some of you.
For others, you may even say I am teaching a heresy, or that I am teaching modalism, but please understand that I know God is ETERNALLY an individual being, and yet God still exists being a Trinity!

Also, for the sanity of your own minds, I suggest you ask Jesus to confirm this explanation He has given me in your mind, in your heart, and in your soul and spirit!
If you do this, then I assure you Jesus will confirm what I am about to tell you in your mind and in your heart, and Jesus will most definitely open up your spiritual eyes concerning the truth about the Trinity of God.


Ok, here we go my dear friends . . .
First you must understand that God created us to be in His image and in His likeness.
We are not God, but God created us to resemble Him in almost every single way.
We have a mind, a soul, a spirit, and a body.
God created us to have parts, both spiritual parts and physical parts, and this is how we exist.
It stands then to reason that physically Jesus was made to be just like us, but Jesus Christ's Spiritual parts come from Eternity and ours do not.

So, just as we have a mind, soul, spirit, and flesh Jesus also has a Mind, Soul, Spirit, and Flesh.
But, what makes us different than Christ is that each of us have unique spiritual and physical parts created in time and space, but Christ's Spiritual Parts are God's Eternal Parts, and His SPIRITUAL PARTS were never ever created nor made.
Therefore, Christ's SPIRITUAL PARTS come from Eternity, not time and space, and this is what makes Jesus Christ different than us, Spiritually!

Even Physically Jesus Christ is different than us!
Jesus' Flesh was made directly from the Spirit Realm, but not from anything here on Earth, such as Adam's flesh which was created from the dust of the ground.
This means Jesus was born without sin, and He never sinned, and this makes Jesus physically different.

So, how does this explain the Trinity of God?
How do Christ's Spiritual Parts coming from Eternity help to explain the Trinity of God?
These are excellent questions, and they were just two of many questions I had as I sought Jesus Christ for the answer to the Trinity of God.

Before I give you the answers I must first go over three very important questions first.
1. What does Jesus' Soul have to do with God?
2. How does Jesus Christ's Soul fit into the picture concerning God's existence as a Trinity?
3. And, we all know God has a Mind and a Spirit, but does Jesus having a Soul mean God also has a Soul?

That last question was the best question that Jesus ever put into my mind and into my heart!
And, Since Christ's Mind is God's Mind, and Christ's Spirit is God's Spirit, does this also mean that Christ's Soul is also God's Soul?
To be able to answer those questions adequately we must go over a few very important facts first.


1. Christ is known to have what the Holy Bible tells us is “The Mind Of Christ”.
What is this “Mind of Christ”?
Is this “Mind Of Christ” God's Mind?
Or, does Christ have His own separate Mind?
You must be able to answer those questions correctly or you will come up with the wrong answers!

So, what exactly are the right answers?
Well, since Christ is God Almighty we are left with only ONE ANSWER that is correct, right, and true!

The “Mind Of Christ” is the Headship of Christ.
Christ's Headship is Christ's Father.
So, you can say that Christ's Mind is Christ's Father.

I know that sounds strange, but it makes perfect sense that God's Mind rules all of God's other parts.
God's Mind leads and directs His Soul, His Spirit, and His Flesh, and this is why God's Mind is the Father.

The Father is invisible and so is God's Mind.
This similarity reveals that God's Mind is the Father!
This also explains why the Father knows more and is also greater than His Soul, or His Spirit, or His Flesh!
So, Christ's Mind can only be God's Mind.
If Christ's Mind is not God's Mind then Christ would have His own separate Mind from God Almighty!

But, Since Jesus is God and God only has ONE MIND, then that can only mean that Christ's Mind is the same Mind that God has with and within Himself.
If you say it any other way, then Jesus cannot be the Lord God Almighty!

So, Physically, Christ “THE MAN” shares the same Mind that God has in the Spiritual Realm.
This means that Christ is both God in the Spirit and God in the Flesh.
This also means that Christ's Father is His Mind in both the Spiritual and the Physical Realms.


2. Christ is known to have “The Spirit Of Christ”.
Is Christ's Spirit God's Spirit, or does Jesus have His very own Spirit apart from God?
Again, there is only one right answer, and I can almost guess which answer has come into your mind.

If Christ had His own separate Spirit from God, then Christ could not be God Almighty.
So, this means that Christ's Spirit is God's Spirit.
God's Spirit obeys and follows the will of God's Mind.
The Mind of God directs God's Spirit on what to do.


3. Now we must address Jesus Christ's Soul.
THIS IS THE KEY to understanding that Jesus Christ is completely God Almighty Spiritually and Physically!
Since we now understand that Jesus shares His Mind and Spirit with God, we can now add Jesus Christ's Soul to the picture!
THE KEY TO ALL THOSE QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS is that Jesus also shares His Soul with God Almighty!
Therefore, this means Jesus Christ's Soul is God's Soul, and Jesus Christ shares EVERYTHING He has with God.
Jesus Christ even shares His Flesh with God, seeing that all of God's Spiritual parts are inside of His Flesh.
This means Jesus is both God and Man simultaneously!
Jesus is 100% God both Physically and Spiritually!
So, this means Jesus is 100% GOD and 100% MAN.

Out of all the humans on the earth Jesus is the most special, because Christ shares everything He has with God Almighty, and everything He has is God's.
So, unlike us Jesus Christ shares His Mind, and His Spirit, and His Soul, and His Flesh with God Almighty!


There is one last detail that must be covered . . .
What PART of God in the Spirit BECAME Flesh?
The answer is obviously very simple . . .
(Colossians 2:9)

God's Soul became Flesh, and inside God's Flesh dwelt God's Mind, Soul, and Spirit, and this means that the fullness of the GODHEAD was IN CHRIST BODILY!

Only ONE PART of God actually became Flesh and that was God's Word, or God's Son, or God's Soul.
This means God's Spiritual Parts DWELT TOGETHER inside of God's Flesh while still existing in heaven!
Jesus has taught us that He was in heaven at the same time He was on the earth.

(John 1:1,3,14,18 & 3:13)
Only God can be in two places at once, so this means Jesus Christ is completely and fully God Almighty!


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