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    Pets and animals is another popular YouTube video category.  As you likely already know, videos in this category are centered on pets, in one way or another.  In some cases, YouTube members are showing off a new pet that they got, but many pet videos are also comedy related.  A lot of YouTube members like posting videos of their pets doing something funny, unique, or cute.  If you love pets, you will sure enjoy watching many of the pet videos that can be found under the pets and animals section on YouTube.

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    3. Optimize your video for search engine results. YouTube allows you to include a title, description,soundcloud to mp3 playlist, and tags to the video so users can locate it without difficulty. Make sure that your title is catchy enough and points out your primary key phrase a couple of times. For your video’s description, input a simple summary that has your primary key phrase, as well as a link to your website. Finally, for the tags,, include proper keywords or key phrases,spotify to mp3 player, and also their common variations.