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    We have a conception that education is supposed to reduce the chances of unemployment. The fact is that the youth with higher degrees tends to be more choosy about available jobs unlike their illiterate counterpart who are staying in the shadow poverty, ready to do whatever work available. The educated unemployed obviously come from comparatively better-off families, which can afford to support them until they find a job matching their status and living standard. Statistics do not,buy cheap nba basketball jerseys, and cannot,cheap china jerseys nfl, tell the whole truth about unemployment. In case of village youth, the family supports after university pass-out is in terms of materials and not in form of money. After their study, they are generally becoming full time tuition masters, which make them sufficient for short term but in long run it rarely helps them to build a sound career. He has to spend almost six to seven hours a day in tuition. As a result he got very less time to think up his own matter and own career. Out of forty respondents, almost all educated rural youths depend upon tuition and only very few fellows are getting money from his house and that is based on the condition of only another six months only.