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JESUSisGOD.com/Blog T-Shirt
JESUSisGOD.com/Blog T-Shirt
Dear Family, Friends, & Strangers,

Jesus has blessed me to be able to sell shirts and coffee mugs for the website!

I’m only making 15% commission per item that is sold.

The prices of these items are set by LogoSportswear.com & LogoSoftware.com.


My main objective is to get these shirts
out into the world.

The world needs to know that Jesus is God!


The shirts & coffee mugs are printed on the front and the back.

The RED color represents the Blood of Jesus Christ.
The WHITE color represents Holiness and Purity.
Here is the website:
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Welcome to WordPress.
This is your first post.
Edit or delete it, then start blogging! I had to leave the above post on the site.   😀 
It's kind of like a memento of when I started writing posts, again. I actually started ...
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About the Blog

This site is for everyone to communicate with one another.

We can help one another in many different ways.
We can be an online community of friends.
Please feel free to start conversations!
Profile fields are setup to stop spam.

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