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How to become BORN AGAIN
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5 thoughts on “About the Blog”

  1. JESUS is GOD!


    I’ve been working on the blog today.
    I just looked at the clock on the blog and it said:
    March 11, 11:11:11 2016

    Now, how amazing is THAT?!


    Oh yeah!
    I created this image today.
    It was just a bird doing one flap every second.
    I reversed the flap, and added words that move around.


    My Friend


  2. How to become BORN AGAIN


    Since February 16, 2016 I have tried many plugins and modified settings and codes.
    I have tried many things.
    One thing I tried was a program which tracts IP addresses of people trying to make fake accounts, and of people trying over and over to login.
    These people are from China, Mexico, New York, and many other places.
    They are using software to try to hack JESUSisGOD.com!
    There were over 1,000 hack attempts on my Blog alone in 2 days!

    I don’t know who you are, but I am going to start blocking IP addresses and email addresses, and if I find any hackers making new memberships here those usernames will be banned and blocked too.

    Jesus will NOT let any hackers attack JESUSisGOD.com or any associated sites.
    You will NOT be successful.

    As a matter of fact, if you keep trying to hack my sites I will report you to the proper authorities.

    I can make a hard copy and an electronic copy of the hackers and where they are.

    So, to those of you trying to hack my sites . . .





      How to become BORN AGAIN



      Oh yeah! I wanted to add to my previous post . . .

      I was hacked back in 1999.

      Someone thought it would be fun to write something on my site like . . . “Jesus loves the little children, and he’s gay”.

      Ever since then I have studied how to defend against hacking, password cracking, coding, and how to modify code.

      Hackers will NOT be able to attack JESUSisGOD.com, again.

      Thank God the hacker of 1999 didn’t change my passwords!

      In any case, I still say to the hackers . . .

      GOD BLESS YOU . . . in asking Jesus to save you from yourself, . . . but . . .

      I hope JESUS renders all you SNEAKY PEOPLE incapable of hacking me or anyone else!



      1. How to become BORN AGAIN


        I deleted all accounts that had only 2 letter first and last names.
        I also deleted all accounts that were made while I was setting up the profile fields, and which did not fill in all profile fields, just to make certain there were no fake accounts or spam accounts.
        I consider such accounts to be spam.

        When setting up your accounts please fill in all required profile fields.

        There have been hundreds of hack attempts since early this morning.
        The hackers will NOT get through, now that I have everything set up.



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