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Legal Guidelines

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Dear Friends,

Everyone and anyone may FREELY copy and distribute anything WRITTEN on this site.
I pulled ALL images from Public Domain, but they might be copy-written, so I make no claims
on any images you may see; therefore, I cannot give you rights to do anything with any pictures.

All WRITTEN WORKS are copyrighted against false claims of writing, compilation, or design.
Therefore, please do NOT attempt to claim any of these works as your own seeing Jesus gave me
these WRITTEN WORKS to write, design, create, compile, and present to you.
So, please do NOT attempt to tell others that you brought these publications into existence.
And, please do NOT attempt to try to say that I copied these WRITTEN WORKS from you.

I, Mickey Roland Smith Jr (SaintlyMic), have brought these works to you, and not vice-versa.

As I said above, please FEEL FREE to copy and distribute these works as often as you will.
But, please contact me before you change anything written within these works.
This is to assure that what is written in these works say exactly what Jesus wants to say to you!
Thank you for your understanding and cooperation with these simple rules of law!
Jesus has given these works to me to give to you so you can share them with anyone you desire!




May The LORD JESUS Bless You Richly!

Mickey Roland Smith Jr






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